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Paintings of Today
Who We Are
ARTE BRASIL was created for the presentation of Brazilian artists and their work to friends of art and collectors worldwide. The manager of this homepage is the main shareholder of the company MARKUS ARTES, Marcel Markus, Swiss, 40 years living in Brazil, art consultant and curator with international activities. Markus Artes was founded in 1994, at Embu das Artes,
in the Great São Paulo Region, already representing artists both in Brazil as well as Abroad.
The work of its main artist, Adelio Sarro, self-taught and greatly talented, with creativity and an enormous zest for work, has been shown with great success in important international events such as the Economic Forum in Davos, at the U.N. in Geneva and, in 2007 at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and at the Academy of Fine Arts Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia (see, and many international contacts are maintained to continue divulging in the best museums, cultural spaces and renowned art galleries throughout the world.
The work of this extraordinary artist who, in 2001 was called the “Global Brazilian” by the famous Parisian arts critic, André Parinaud.
The work of the distinguished and very talented artist Gisele Ulisse ( has also been promoted and shown in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. This homepage, which will be well divulged, should be considered an excellent alternative for Brazilian artists to show their work to the international public, and the feedback obtained will be a measure of the quality and acceptance of their work. Special artistic activities will be developed at ARTE BRASIL for artists that distinguish themselves.


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